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Sport Counselling & Mental Performance Coaching

Common areas of concern:

  • performance anxiety

  • coping with injury

  • sport retirement / transitions

  • performance decline

  • negative self-talk

  • pressure to succeed

  • dwelling on mistakes

  • depression

  • performance enhancement

  • perfectionism

  • juggling various demands

  • building confidence and resilience

Are you an athlete who excels in practice, but struggles when it comes to competition time? Do you find yourself getting distracted by self-doubt or fear of making mistakes? Perhaps the stress and demands of your sport are impacting your performance? Maybe you’re performing well, looking to hone your potential, and elevate your game to the next level.

The mental aspect is one facet of being a successful athlete and reaching your personal goals. At WAVE, we offer mental performance and sport counselling sessions for athletes looking to address mental barriers, clinical concerns, and/or enhance performance.

Currently, we only offer tele-health counselling via telephone/video sessions. Scroll below for session options.

Sport Counselling & Mental Performance Coaching: Text
Sport Counselling & Mental Performance Coaching: Services

Sport Psychology Services

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Individual Sessions

Boost your mental health.

Hone your mental game.

These 50-minute sessions are designed to help you achieve your performance potential and/or address mental health concerns. Together we will collaborate on mental and emotional strategies to overcome barriers and pursue your goals.


Group Workshops

Grow together.

Looking to build a cohesive team culture to achieve collective goals or improve your team's mental wellness? These sessions are tailored to your group's needs so you can successfully achieve your goals. We offer workshops to either sports or corporate teams looking to improve performance. We'll provide you with the tools to pursue your objectives together. Every group is unique and sessions will vary based on your needs. Group workshops are designed to educate and unify groups on a broader level. Individual sessions are recommended for more tailored goals.

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