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Are you feeling stuck in endless patterns and "know" what is wrong but can't seem to end the cycle? Do you ever reflect back on a situation and ask yourself 'why did I react or behave that way'? Or perhaps you are looking to take a proactive approach toward building a future together. Then relationship counselling at WAVE might be right for you.

Relationships can be difficult to navigate, especially if we are not self-aware of our own wounds, traumas, and concerns that we carry. Relational trauma can be passed through generations and if it goes unnoticed, it can be a barrier keeping us from connecting with our partners. At WAVE, we seek to help all parties in a relationship feel heard, understood, and collaborate together toward a thriving connection. We do not take sides - the relationship is our client.

We are here to help you find your way to yourselves and to each other. We can "know" and "understand" why things are happening or what we "should" be doing, but this is logic-based (i.e., left-brain dominant). It is important to acknowledge and facilitate right-brain processes for relationship growth and healing. At WAVE, we help facilitate this by taking a relational and body-based approach helping you orient to a deeper truth and meaning. Often times, we can get in the cross-fire of blaming one another, but we know this isn't productive and brings us back to square one! The aim of how we work is to help you feel vulnerable, moved, and empowered in your relationship. Currently, we only offer tele-health counselling via telephone/video sessions.

$170 per 60-minute session.

Relationship Counselling

Common areas of concern:

  • communication

  • relationship anxiety

  • abandonment concerns

  • interpersonal issues

  • lack of intimacy

  • jealousy

  • lack of appreciation 

  • conflict

  • interracial concerns

  • life transitions

  • consensual non-monogamy

  • infidelity

Relationship/Couples Counselling: Text
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